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Pearl Jam's "Lightning Bolt" Took Two Years

Pearl Jam's

The new Pearl Jam album, Lightning Bolt, took two years to complete, according to the band's lead guitarist Mike McCready.

McCready discussed Lightning Bolt with Total Guitar.  He explains, "We started it two years ago then we had to pull back.  We finished seven songs two years ago and we had to take some time to figure out what we wanted to do. And write some more songs. So about four months ago we started up again with a brand new batch of songs to go along with those."

The guitarist believes that the time off was beneficial.  "I think it helped.  I think it's going to be a really cool record and I'm very excited about it."

Pearl Jam worked with producer Brendan O'Brien on Lightning Bolt.  O'Brien has produced most of the Pearl Jam albums.


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